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Thread: 2007 Popular Woodworking on CD

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    2007 Popular Woodworking on CD

    The following is a "copy/paste" from an email. Not sure how magazines on CD fair in these parts, but a deal is a deal.

    Final Notice: Sale on 2007 CD Ends in Four Days

    [description]This is your final chance to get 20 percent off the NEW 2007 Popular Woodworking CD but only until midnight on Dec. 24. The regular price is $19.96, but with coupon code PW07CD, you pay only $15.97.

    On the CD, you'll find all 2007 issues plus a bonus issue: Essential Guide to Table Saws. Plus, we've included an easy-to-use searchable directory so you can search the entire disc by keyword, and instantly jump to the article you're looking for.

    To take advantage of your discount, simply enter Coupon Code PW07CD when indicated during the order process; the discount will be applied at checkout. Don't miss your chance for this exclusive sale on the 2007 Popular Woodworking CD! This coupon expires at midnight on Dec. 24, 2007.

    Order Your CD Now and Save

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    Anyone subscribe to this magazine or have read it before? I have looked at one to know what its like. Comments?
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    I get this one. A few years ago I subscribed to every woodworking rag I could find so I could do the weeding out thing. I'm down to this and one other. I have a lot of regard for Christopher Schwartz and his team, which is why PW survived the cut.

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    This is one I've been subscribing to for some years now. I like the projects and articles. And recently one of my turning mentors (Judy Ditmer) has been a contributor.

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