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Thread: wheelchair access turning

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    wheelchair access turning

    Hi guys,

    friend of mine has been involved, from his wheelchair, in a project to increase access to safe woodworking tools to woodworkers that are in a chair, or too short for safe use of the commonly sized tools. Just found out that the new part of the site is up and running, and thought maybe someone here could benefit from these new pieces.

    hope the link works


    I also hope that I didn't do the bad thing in posting a link like this, if so, please do what must be done..

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    Very interesting stuff, Ron. Oneway also has a lathe that's designed to be used from a sitting position.
    Quote Originally Posted by Ron Journeau View Post
    ...I also hope that I didn't do the bad thing in posting a link like this, if so, please do what must be done..
    Not a bad thing at all, Ron, and the only thing that "must be done" is to thank you for posting it. Unlike some other forums, we encourage linking to other relevant sites and forums. We can't guarantee that all the external sites will meet our CoC, but we're also not trying to play Internet Police by banning links to other sites. (And if someone is worried about their kids seeing something they shouldn't, we apologize in advance, and suggest you get your kid off the Internet if he or she lives that protected of a life.)
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    A great concept, especially for the lathe.
    But, being a natural born critic, I do have to wonder about the safety issue with tools like the jointer and tablesaw. The arms of the user, when sitting down, are low and parallel to the table, very much, IMHO, in the danger area.
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    I was excited when I first spotted an article in one of the trade mags that I receive about equipment designed for sitting persons. Being's that I require at least a stool at all stations I am quite interested.

    I've often time thought about the design of tools, and how they could be made to accommodate seated users. For an example, why not take something like the Jet Mini and place it on a table with a angle base build into it, thereby swinging the work piece towards the operator a little. Or a bandsaw on a universal swivel, again allowing the entrie machine to tilt towards the user, giving them excellent line of sight to the cutting edge. Of course, one would have to build in considerable ballast in the base but concrete or sand is pretty inexpensive.

    As for fear of tools such as lathe tools falling in ones lap, I generally have a "lap blanket" that I use just to make clean up of myself easier. It could easily be a heavy canvas, duck, material that would protect from the sharp edges.

    I too worry about tools such as the table saw and jointer, it is a very long reach across from a chair.

    Perhaps this would be a good "family" project. Redesign tools to better accommodate the standing challanged or those of shortness! I would think that a company such as general or perhaps even the Griz would be interested in the input.


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