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    Talking Night Stands

    I have a friend that keeps me thinking of how to do things in a different way. He brought me a nightstand that needed to be re-designed to what he wanted it to look like. After doing that then it was to build one from scratch to match the first one. Normally this would not be to hard to do. But he is a guy that saves pieces of plywood from when I made him cabinets for his pantry. These pieces were not of the correct width (to narrow) So try to join plywood together and not to sand through the thin vaneer was a bit tricky to say the least. But all came out well,even if it shouln't have. He chose to use Pine for the tops ,drawer fronts and kick plates. So now all is completed except to install the backs. This is best done after staining and finishing the interior of the stands. Was a fun project for me but it keeps a guy thinking on how to do everything on a shoe - string budget. One welcome stranger came in my shop just for a short visit. His name was max.
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    Nicely done, Ron. I can't tell the new one from the old one in the pics.
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    Hi Ron ,
    Seems as though what you've got there is a nicely done project. The design is interesting and probably tricky to build another exactly like it. Thanks for the photos.
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    Great looking project Ron - well doen!!
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