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Thread: Website Authoring Software Suggestions

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    Website Authoring Software Suggestions

    What software are you folks using to create and maintain your websites with? I have a love/hate relationship with Frontpage (what I use now for two different sites), but I'm looking to move to a different hosting company, and figure this would be a good time to cut off the Frontpage ball and chain.

    I'm relatively computer savvy, and have been working with markup languages since 1991. Still, I don't want to hand-code my sites. I'm looking for an easy-to-use WYSIWYG website creator that provides (or supports) excellent photo gallery options. A nice assortment of style templates would be a big bonus too, since I don't really feel like starting with a blank page. I want the end result to look upscale and professional. It needs to run on WinXP, too. I'd like to keep the cost in a reasonable range...Dreamweaver is a bit over my limits. (Plus, I love/hate Adobe products about the same as MS products, so I try to avoid adding more Adobe stuff into my mix.)

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    I bought Web Easy 6 Professional, by V-Com, based on reviews I read. I tried it out but never set up my website. (re: Terrco duplicator failure story) It's a kinda Print Shop click 'n place program but works fine and has zillions of optional features. Claims to have built in search engine optimizer. However, a friend who does web building professionally says this is impossible.
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    I have heard good things about Coffee Cup. Here's their "visual" web designer soft, and they have lots of other specialty soft too, depending on what you want to add. About $50 for this one, but you should check out their whole site.

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    Coffee Cup HTML editor. Very reasonable prices and free updates. I haven't upgraded to the later versions but it does have a WYSIWYG editor, has for a while now. I got used to working with the code so I have not upgraded and tried it. So I keep using the earlier version. You may hate it, but I like it. I have a couple of pieces of their software and so far I have been impressed.
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    Hot Dog Pro is another popular alternative...
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    I've been mucking about with NVU at work and it's pretty decent to work with. Open Source and the price is right (free). My biggest issues are when I have to make it cooperate with pages generated by MS Word, Powerpoint, Excel, etc. though that's more a fault of the way MS does things than a NVU issue.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Vaughn McMillan View Post
    What software are you folks using to create and maintain your websites with?
    I'm relatively computer savvy, and have been working with markup languages since 1991. Still, I don't want to hand-code my sites.

    I know, it fails your 'no hand-coding' requirements, but you did ask...

    Quote Originally Posted by Doug Shepard View Post
    I've been mucking about with NVU at work and it's pretty decent to work with.
    I thought nvu was abandoned? I didn't find any current updates or current plans listed.

    Actually, I was also looking around for something 'easier' to take over my web page a few months ago. I was trying to find something a bit more automated -- ie: if I want to change something that applies to ALL my web pages I don't want to hand-edit umpteen pages.

    But I really didn't find much. For the first time I dug into style sheets, and they help a bit, but you still seem to end up with a lot of custom tweaking on each page. Ditto for the various free WYSI-MOL-WYG (what you see is - more or less - what you get ) -- tools out there.

    And since my web page was already hand-coded, the conversion pain seemed large.

    I ended up with doing just a bit of hand-coding to come up with a minimalist style sheet that does most of what I want, and I put that together with WML which I had already been using.

    WML is a macro language. You can get very complicated, or keep it pretty simple. I keep it pretty simple. I have defined less than 10 macros that I use in all my web pages. (ie: instead of using <TABLE> in html, I use a macro I defined called <AM-TABLE>) So I am kind of still using hand-coding, but with the macros and the style page, I have the ability to make a change to just two files, type "make", and have the change show up all over my web pages.

    This suits my needs right now. But I do NOT have any shopping-cart type needs, and I do NOT have any big photo-gallery type needs either. I also strictly stuck with free tools.

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    I used to use FrontPage also but it's no longer supported by MS so I bought Expression Web. It's a bit different from FP but not that difficult to get used to. I only do very simple things, however.

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    We take care of around 25,000 webpages. Years ago, I banned frontpage, and we embarked on the content management journey. Eventually, we wrote our own, in coldfusion. Lots of web hosting services support CF, it'll help you hook up to databases for images and prices, etc. It'll take you as far as you want to go, and the ramp up curve is short.

    On the other hand, I'm with Art on this one. Former english professors use CF. Real men use vi...



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    I too have a love hate relationship with FrontPage, I love to hate it

    I recently got Dreamweaver, a full version from a friend, he got it with a new computer but he has no interest in making a website, so I got the soft, never opened etc.

    Seems like one heck of a tool, but man, the learning curve is STEEP, makes Sketch Up looks REAL simple

    I'm slowly getting on it, but I've not had the time to really dig into it.

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