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Thread: Christmas Cheer from the Dogs

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    Christmas Cheer from the Dogs

    LOML has a couple of electric wreaths hanging in our living room window. Right under that window is the couch the dogs get on to look out front and bark at evil uniformed delivery people in the cul-de-sac. (As you know, in our house, mi sofa es tu sofa, dogs included.)

    Today I heard a delivery truck, followed by the usual cacophony of barking, followed by a strange crashing sound. I stepped out of my office, and this is what was looking up at me:

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    Bless his heart, he stood there for a minute or so while I got the camera and took a bunch of shots, laughing so hard I could barely hold the camera still.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Just thought I’d share that…
    When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro. - Hunter S. Thompson
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    I fully understand the cacophony of which you speak! Your pup is looking at you as if to say "why did you put this trap on my sofa?"

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    Heh heh ... Merry Christmas, Dad!

    My wife and I have an artificial tree that we put up, oh, every 5 years or so. (I don't think our current 4-year-old Labs have seen it yet.)

    One year we had the tree up but still hadn't put anything under it, as usual. So whenever a neighbor happened to give us a wrapped gift, that's right where it went. Notice that neither of us knew what was inside the wrapping paper....

    One day we left our previous pair of Labs alone at home for a while (probably to do some Christmas shopping ). When we got home we got to see what was in some of those presents, because it was all over the floor ... in regurgitated form. Stuff like Andes Mints, chocolate-covered cherries and ... I can't remember what all. Ewww!

    Luckily, the main "SuperFund site" was on the kitchen linoleum instead of the living room carpet. Whew!

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    Nice to see you pups "getting into" the Christmas spirit
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    Vaughn, I have two grandchild in the age of 4, we call them little devils, they are doing the same, THEY ARE COMING ON SECOND CHRISTMAS DAY, HEEEELP.

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    Who me? I didn't do nuttin!

    Great pics!
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