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Thread: Home-vac to Shop-vac modification

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    Home-vac to Shop-vac modification

    Good day

    On other post, Larry Merlau noticed some strange black box with home-vac mounted on top and asked for more details.

    I have 2 shop-vacs....the one that you'll see now has variable power (less noise in the garage) and I use it for almost any hand tool, router table and some times even for the table saw.

    This vac power is 1,600 Watts (in EU we use Watts to indicate power - by law - and that, does not let the makers to advertise "Powerful pick 6 HP" that are deceiving the American customer but, this is other story)...and I'm changing the bag ones in 6~12 months.

    For the "Filter", you shall have to go to the gardening shop (or department) and look for a "Cloth" that you put on the ground around trees, bushes or flowers, to prevent the weeds from's very, very cheap, very strong and washable so you can reuse it many times (I'm using it already 3 years)

    In the mean time, I made also some "patent" to clean the "Filter" without the need to open the box so theoretically, I don't have to open the box till it gets full....I will show it but only after I'll post my second shop-vac because all the pics are made on the other one...


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    Thumbs up THANKS NIKI

    THATS just what i was lookin for, all i have to do now is paint it green and the other color glad i had my glasses cleaned
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