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Thread: Silence your shop vacuum

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    Silence your shop vacuum

    Fine Woodworking magazine had a nice article in their recent edition on how to silence you shop vacuum. I built myself one and no longer have to endure it's screaming whine. In addition the box serves as a much needed counter top. It's one of those things where I said to myself why didn't I think about that.


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    Gotta link ?

    Wouldn't mind toneing mine down a bit.

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    All you need to do is build a plywood box and put half inch insul board on the inside. This will lower the dB level alot. Just make sure you make it big enough to air movement. On mine I made a few thin slots(1/4" widex 3" long) in the bottom to allow air in/out. I put one on each side panel and a peice of ply with hinges on the front for easy access, nothing fancy.

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    We need pictures!!

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    LOL ! Thats what . . .

    I've got running now. Was hoping for whisper quiet. Guess I'll have to wait 'till the Government releases all that Alien Data.

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