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Thread: Project question(s)...

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    Project question(s)...

    I am building a cherry stand for my son's large flat screen TV. Since this is being built without plans, I have a question. First a description:

    The 'box' will be about 32" high, 18" deep, and 48" long. It will have an upper adjustable shelf, and a fixed shelf that is above two side by side drawers. My thoughts are to have a 3" apron on the top of the front and back, and a 3" cleat (for lack of a better word) on the bottom of the front and back.

    The top is 48" X 18". It is glued up and just needs to be sanded and some accent put on the edges. The legs are 2 1/8" X 1 1/2" and will be about 30" high (my original message said 18"), with the longer dimension facing to the front. My question involves attaching the sides to the legs.

    The sides will be made of cherry stock (1" X 6"). They will run perpendicular to the legs. Do I glue the side pieces together and then put them as one piece to the legs? If so, do I make a single long mortise in the leg and mill a single tenon in each side of the side assembly. Again, I assume if I do that, I would only glue the side assembly in a few places to allow for movement. I wanted to make a raised panel for the sides, but my son wants something plain.

    Your thoughts are most appreciated.

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    Sorry to answer you question with a question, but....

    Are the legs being held together with anything besides the panel? Like rails and stiles? Or strechers that the receive the panel on the top and bottom?

    I'm trying get a picture in my head, before I offer a suggestion.

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    The legs will be held together in the front and back with the 3" boards top and bottom. On the sides, they will be held together with the sides that I will fabricate. They won't be a panel that slides into the legs, unless that is what I should do. In that case, the 3" boards top and bottom will go on the sides as well. Those will all be mortise and tennon.

    Thanks for your consideration.


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