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Thread: Finish for a child's rocker?

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    Finish for a child's rocker?

    I started woodworking about 2 years ago and have only ever used polyurethane to finish. Here are some of my projects...

    We're expecting our first baby this spring. I just completed a mahogany child's rocker and I'm wondering what you guys might recommend for a good finish that will also be safe for a little one.

    Thanks in advance for any tips!
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    Hi Dan, and welcome aboard. That's a great-looking rocker (and I also like the other stuff you showed pictures cradle.) Personally, I think I'd go with more polyurethane on the rocker, mainly for its durability.

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    Again, welcome to the clubhouse. Good to have you here.
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    Stick with poly, it is very durable and will hold up to the kids spilling stuff and coloring on it.

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    Thanks for the replies. I'm going with the poly (go with what you know) and I'll just have to build something different next time so I can learn a new finish!


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    Poly is great as it resists the scratches that tykes provide. As for "Safe" Today's finishes will all tell you that after cured, they are all food safe (child proof safe)

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    Minwax has a wipe on poly that sounds easy to apply on those many sided projects, like your crib! the way...Nice Work!
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