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Thread: Leg assembly

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    Leg assembly

    Is there a name for this type of leg assembly? There are 2 steel threaded inserts in the leg that allow the leg to be drawn into the corner. Thanks, Bob
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    Don't know the given name but in my book it refers to mass produced quick bolted corner joint. Although it may be an extreemely strong jointing of the legs to rails, It is of course easy to break down when moving is necessary, but as for WWing joinery, I call it quick, easy, fast, & cheap... I have one table in my house with such leg joints and it is my grandaughter's tea set.

    Bracket & Bolt construction
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    A variation on the corner brace or corner bracket leg uses hanger bolts in place of threaded inserts and machine screws. Either way it is a nice solid joint that breaks down and reassembles well. As Bill points out, a reason for using this is to allow efficient manufacturer's packaging and ease consumer assembly of RTA or 'Ready To Assemble' furniture.

    There are many sources for the brackets and bolts which come in varying flavors. These are single bolt style: and
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