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Thread: Wormy Oak box

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    Wormy Oak box

    A marvelous piece of red oak. I saturated the outside with BLO, then alternated wiping down and compressed air. Let it dry for a day then sprayed on very light coats of clear shellac.


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    Wow Joe, that looks great. I like the wood and the form.

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    Looks great!
    Even visually, I can feel the tactile nature of the piece.


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    Great piece Joe! Beautiful wood and color!

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    Nice project Joe! That wood is unbelieveable...color...worm holes.....

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    Very cool, Joe. As was said above, it looks like a very tactile piece. You really want to pick it up and hold it.

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    Gorgeous wood!

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    Thanks guys This is one piece of wood that sure makes me look good!

    The whole tactile thing is one of my favorite parts of woodworking. I almost always use wiped-on or rubbed-in finishes, as I really like to touch and feel the wood. Someone else had suggested that I apply enough finish to fill the holes, but I couldn't imagine doing that. This piece is really a joy to pick up and play with.


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    Great box Joe. I really like that wood and form. Well done.
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    Hi Joe, WOW very nice. I was wondering if it was difficult to turn that type of wood with all the worm holes?
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