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Thread: mostly finished customer kitchen project

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    mostly finished customer kitchen project

    Before ... small early 70s formica kitchen, ugly tile floor
    during ... removed cabs, floor, subfloor and drywall
    after ... QS wenge floor, maple cabs and FFs with figured euclyptus and padauk doors and bar front, green granite top

    Came out pretty cool,
    Merry Christmas,
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    Man when you take a floor out, you don't mess around. Finished product looks great..


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    Wow Bill, you sure don't run down to the Borg and buy cabinets and flooring like that. Very nice work.
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    Talking Great Job Bill

    One of the most appreciated remodel jobs is the kitchen,also the most used of any room in the house. No matter how small they are ,it seems to be the place everyone comes to. They will be very happy in the nice work that you have done on this one.

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    Thank you for your kind comments

    This has been a nice project in that the customers wanted to do something different than the normal frame and panel . The tile on the floor was firmly attached so it was easier to remove the entire subfloor and replace it rather than try to chip the tile piece by piece. It also made it easier for the electrician and plumber to accomodate the tankless water heater that was installed inside the sinkbase replacing a water heater that occupied and entire corner of this already small kitchen.

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