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Thread: 1st Christmas Tool Gloat

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    1st Christmas Tool Gloat

    My wife gave me clamps for Christmas! Bessey K-Bodies to be specific.

    2 24in and 2 50in. She said that the guy in the tool section of Lowe's looked on with jealousy as she picked them up.
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    Jealous that you were getting some great clamps or jealous that you had a wife that knew what kind of stuff to get you?
    Nice score on both counts.
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    Nice present. Love my K-bodies.

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    You guys suck!!

    I get nothing for Christmas, at least nothing that is real practical. Oh I get the standard cordless drill, but as everyone on here knows, I don't use them. (I am truly a hand tool kind of guy). So I take them back (3 this year) and buy something I can really use.

    I did get a utility knife that is pocket knife, and utility knife. That holds some promise, and some cheap screwdrivers and chisels. I can always use them I guess for carpentry type stuff.

    I just don't know why they say I am hard to shop for. Just go to Lee Valley, tools, lawn and garden, any of their catalogs and order anything. I'll be happy. Cordless drills, come on
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