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Thread: The kind of gloat we all want.

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    The kind of gloat we all want.

    Some of you might remember that about two years ago, I agreed to do a piece of flat/ turning for my daughter-in-law. A Cradle! My son Eric and his wife Sandi have beeen trying to adopt for 4 years. (Sandi had cancer at 28 and can't have her own)

    Well, this past Saturday, Santa and the Stork got together and delivered a bundle of beauty and love. She's 6 weeks old, weighs 9" and fits perfectly between the crook in my Elbow and hand.

    May I Present:

    Kinsey Taylor Shiverdecker

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Kinsey- first day at home.jpg 
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    Here is the Cradle - Not my best work, but it has some features that I like.

    It is 100% wood. No metal anywhere. The pivots are threaded dowel. The end panels, since I couldn't get the curly Maple wide enough, is book matched and the framing is built like cabinet door. I turned the spindles out of Curly Maple. The framing, legs, etc. are from Curly Walnut. Hard to see in the picture. By taking out two slide pins and the three threaded bolts out, it dis-assembles. Finished with several coats of Garnet Shellac with a little Cordovan Trans Tint dye.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	K-4.JPG 
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    The Mattress, Bumber Pads, and Quilt were made by my wife Barbara.

    We are Bustin' at the seams right now. There can't be a better Christmas Present. However, I ask that you keep us in your thoughts. There are still some legal aspects that could kill it, and we could still lose her.

    Thanks for reading and looking.


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    Very nice work Bruce, and congrats to your whole family. (I'll be pulling for you and hoping that everything happens as planned.)
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    Congrats Bruce! As the father of two adopted children, I"ll keep you in my thoughts and prayers!

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    Congrats to all!!


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    Congrats to all Bruce. Great looking cradle.
    Bernie W.

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    Congrats, Bruce! She's a keeper!

    That cradle is beautiful. Very nice work!
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    Bruce, the cradle is really nice, the bedding is great, but that little girl tops them both (as I'm sure you will agree).

    Thoughts and prayers for things turning out well sent your way.

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    Bruce, the baby is absolutely adorable. I hope and pray that it works out the way you guys have planned.

    Also, as far as the crib is concerned, don't sell yourself short. It is beautiful. It is clear that you have put a lot of warmth and love in the project.


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    definatly a great gift of love from both aspects the wood and the new born.. havnt reached the grandfather part and may not so enjoy your time with family!
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    Congrats, Santa & The stork did good she's gorgeous.

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