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Thread: First Christmas I was able to give a turning

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    First Christmas I was able to give a turning

    How very cool to be able to do this.

    $4 driver set at a grab bin at the hardware store. Removed the plastic handle. This is the result.

    Cherry with a brass flare nut rounded for a ferrule. I think the recipient liked it. Would hardly give it up so others could look at it! I am going to go back and see if any of this sets are still available. I think I'd like one for myself.
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    Carol that looks great, and great idea about the $4 plastic handled screwdriver
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    Carol great job and great idea. Well done.
    Bernie W.

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    Very cool, Carol. If you can't find any more of the plastic handled sets, Rockler has their screwdriver kit sale priced at about $4.00 right now. It doesn't have the sockets to go with it, but it's still a good price.
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