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Thread: Cheap "Grip-it" clamps repair and improvement

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    Cheap "Grip-it" clamps repair and improvement

    Good day

    Sometimes, we are tempted to buy cheap stuff just because it'

    That's what happened to me and after using them a few times, I noticed that the jaw is sliding back and the handle hinge housing is breaking....

    I changed the handle hinge with a bolt and nut and grind the narrow sides of the bar with #40.

    The repair was so good that I made it immediately on all the clamps, even the "good" ones...

    I hope it will help some of you "cheap guys" me

    Best Regards

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    Niki I had a similar type of a Quick clamp that was beginning to slip, but not anymore after I followed your tip here.

    Simply roughing up the bottom of the bar with sand paper as you suggested made it work again as the manufacturer intended.

    Thanks again for sharing the info.


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    Great that you took the effort to show this but it doesn't help my situation where the (exact same cheap clamps) ends break off. No fixing there...

    Goes back to old addage, "you get what you pay for"....

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    you just got to much

    GRIPPPP! see some folks that those cheaper ones were made for have less grip power
    If in Doubt, Build it Stout!
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    Great info Niki. I've got a similar set as back-ups/extras. I'll keep your upgrades in mind if I end up using them a lot. Actually this is good info even for "good" clamps!

    Thanks for posting!


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