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Thread: Can't attach pics

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    Can't attach pics

    Down under additional options right below where you type this there is the section for Attach Files, but the button is gone?


    EDIT: it seems to only happen with Firefox, come here using IE7 and the button is there.
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    Aaron -

    I don't know Firefox, I use Netscape - but does it not have somewhere you can tell it to emulate Internet Exploder for a particular page? Netscape does that, so when I get a page that won't load right, I hit the "Display like I.E." button & away I go.

    Just a thought

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    Yes it does, I will have to see if that works, thanks for the suggestion
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    I get the button below in FF, but I also get the little paper clip thing above where you type............

    Attachment 15654

    Does that help?

    Using the paper clip thing, you can put the pic inline on your post.

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