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Thread: Woodcraft Router Bit Question

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    Woodcraft Router Bit Question

    Has anybody used these? The price seems very reasonable.



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    I have some of those Randy and they are not bad, especially for the price. No more than they cost you can just toss them when they dull out. If you are going to be using them a ton you might want to buy Infinity quality but it is going to cost you in the beginning.

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    I brought the roundover set home last week, but I haven't opened it yet. My thinking was along the same lines as Allen's.

    Besides, most of my bits are from a large set of Ryobi 1/4"-shafters ... I don't want to upset my new Freud router by teasing it with such small snacks.

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    I've probably got 7 or 8 various Woodcraft bits. They're decent for the price and convenient.

    FWIW, Holbren's got some nice deals on small sets too, and their bits were rated as "Good" in Fine Woodworkwing's recent comparison, along with Amana, Bosch, Freud, CMT, Ridge Carbide, and Grizzly, and above MLCS, Porter Cable, and Woodline which rated "Fair". He offers free shipping and 10% off to several forums (SMC10, BT310, woodnet10, etc....does he have a FWW10?)

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    I have many WC bits. I pick them up at the $5 sales that come along and they do quite well. Whiteside bits are my current favorite for holding an edge over time.
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