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Thread: clever idea i was told..

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    clever idea i was told..

    this is a really good trick that i was told for plastic laminate work.. i was taught to use wooden sticks or news paper when laying the laminate down,, but that was for kitchen counters 25 to 30" wide and long well i had a 48 x96" bench top to du,, and didnt have that long of sticks and was told by a old freind that i could use plastic or metal venatian blinds.. well i wasnt sure but he convinced me it would work ok .. and i am here to ta tell ya it worked great.. had two sets of 30" slats and a helper to pull and set the laminate down they didnt stick alick and held up great the built in hump was just right for the two surface to stay apart and held the laminate till i had postined it where i wanted it.. so the next time you look at a old set of blinds grab then if yu do laminate work at all... i looked for the thread that had tips and tricks but couldnt find it so you can put this in ther eif you want moderators ,,head cheeesz's
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    Great idea, Larry. I bet you can find old blinds at a Habitat for Humanity store.

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    Another vote for them. I keep a stack of the strips that inevitably get removed from blinds to make them fit the windows without that clump at the bottom. They do a great job just as Larry states.
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    Hi Larry ,
    Thank you very much for sharing that idea.
    I have done quite abit of P-Lam work and really hope not to do much again but this is a perfect solution for first timers or the guy who does it every day. Can't imagine why I never heard of it before!
    Any way, I know it now, Thanks to you
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    Yup Larry. I have used them and never throw out venetian blinds slats. Keep the slats...throw everything else out. A stack takes up little space and they work like a champ!

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