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Thread: Selling Everything - Pensacola, FL

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    Selling Everything - Pensacola, FL

    Here's the complete list of everything I'm selling. I have original receipts for all. These tools are a little over 5 years old and have been in storage for most of that time. They are like new and have just a couple of hours of use on them. I'm selling because I was never able to get my shop set up after retiring to FL. Not to mention the facts that I've had a quintuple bypass, survived prostate cancer, skin cancer, lymph node cancer, and recently been Life Flighted because of a leaking carotid artery. But that's enough about me, just think what you can do with these like new tools! I've listed my sell price next to each item, and I will consider a discount if you buy multiple items. Located just East of Pensacola, FL.

    $600 - Grizzley 8" Jointer (Model G1018), includes 1 extra set of new blades, mounted on Shop Fox Roller base

    $380 - Grizzley 1/4 HP Power Feed (G4176) for Jointer above.

    $1050 - Grizzley 20" Planer (Model G1033), includes 3 extra new blades, mounted on Shop Fox Roller base

    $1200 - Jet 3 HP XACTA Table Saw (Model JTAS-10XL), 50" fence, 3 new extra blades, mounted on Shop Fox roller base.

    $500 - 14" Jet 1 Hp Band Saw (Model JWBS-14CS) and Rip Fence (Model JRF-14R), 1 new extra blade, mounted on Shop Fox roller base.

    $150 - Dewalt plate jointer, 1 extra new blade, and several hundred biscuits

    $80 - Acuset Brad Nailer

    $200 - Jet Benchtop Mortiser (Model JBM-5), includes bits and cutters

    $350 - Dewalt 3HP Router (Model 635) mounted in "New Yankee Workshop" router table

    $270 - Dewalt 12" Double Compound Miter Saw

    $125 - Well used Sears 10" Radial Arm Saw

    $75 - Lumber Wizard metal detector

    $75 - Shop Fox Mobile Base

    $400 - Jesada Tools Router Bit and 8" Dado Set

    $200 - Approximately 36" X 80" Wood Assembly Table, custom built with drawers and storage compartments, mounted on wheels.

    $150 - Approximately 30" X 96" Miter Table, 6 built-in drawers, mounted on wheels

    $320 - Pen State 2 1/2 HP Dust Collector with Ranger Remote

    $50 - Delta Tenoning Jig

    $180 - Makita Blade Sharpener

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    So, life's been just a little too ho-hum for you lately, eh?

    Welcome to The Family! Best wishes to you in the new year.

    My jealousies go out to all those in your (now) home state....

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