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Thread: Expensive December!

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    Expensive December!

    I think it was early this month when the fridge went phlooey. We moved up to a side by side, so goodbye to $1514 and some change. The oldest boy and his family were here for Christmas and lost the clutch in Houston on the trip in last week. Not only did LOML get to drive to Houston to pick them and all their crap up and carry them the rest of way here, she got to loan them the money for the clutch... $869.41. Yesterday she got in the Escape to go to town and heard the very recognizable Ford power steering howl. Turns out the entire rack and pinion is shot... something between $1500 and $1700.

    So this morning after I drove 55 miles home from working all night, I stuffed myself in the in-law's 12 year old Crown Victoria with the kids and all their crap, and drove 5 hours to Houston and back so they could get on the way back home.

    This was the first time I'd driven the Crown Victoria any further than around a parking lot, and I gotta say, I was very impressed. 12 YO, 167,000 miles, and still getting 24 MPG at 70mph. Very comfortable seats, beautiful ride, nicely appointed interior, and you can put a lot of crap in the trunk. I've been driving pickups and small imports since the late 80s...last 'big' car was an '83 Cutlass Supreme... and I'd forgotten what a nice feeling it was. When I go car shopping in a couple years, the 'look at' list will include some real cars.

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    Don't mess about.

    '59 Eldorado.

    The very DEFINITION of a "Big" car.

    You got the Veranda, the Billiard Room & the Pool - and if that's not enough space, you got the Back Seat, too!

    Plus, as an added bonus, the Tail Fins are big enough to rig sails from, for when you run it out of gas.

    Ok, ok, I'll be quiet, now.

    -Kevin in Indy
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    I know what you mean. It was an expensive month for me as well. Between the below zero temps that sent my propane shooting through my boiler, (1500 dollar fill-up) to the property taxes that are due ($2900) to the 500 dollar deductible for the Toyota Highlander/Collision (the telephone pole won)...yeah it was an expensive month.

    I just bought a Ford Focus,and while I know its not what you were referring to, I gotta tell you, I just love the gas mileage (40 mpg). My commute to work is 40 miles one way and before I was spending about 12 bucks a day, now I am down to about 6 bucks. I bought the car solely based on price and fuel economy, but its actually a very comfy car and a big trunk. My friends tease me because they still have their 12 mpg GMC Sierra pickups, but as I tell them, its nice to drive by gas stations.

    I wish you better financial luck for 2008 my friend. Best wishes to you on the new year.
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    I agree, the Crown Vic/Grand Marquis is a great vehicle for the money. When I was at the Lincoln/Mercury dealership, it wasn't unusual to hear MPG of 27 to 30 on long trips at 60 to 65 mph, cars with 20K to 80K in miles. Crown Vic is no longer, but the Gr. Marquis is still available, but maybe not for long. Jim.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kirk Constable View Post
    , so goodbye to $1514
    she got to loan them the money for the clutch... $869.41.
    Turns out the entire rack and pinion is shot... something between $1500 and $1700.
    Welcome to my world Kirk If something isn't broken, something is about to break. In the last month, Ive rebuilt the logs splitter from one end to the other. New starter for the case garden tractor. Fuel tank, 3 injectors, alternator, batteries, and an electric lift pump for the one ton.

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