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Thread: Frozen wood turning?............

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    Frozen wood turning?............

    I've got some maple burl that has been in the bed of my pickup for 6 months on my carport. It's been in the freezing weather. Should I put it in the shop overnight before attempting to mount a big piece on my PM?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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    You said "burl"? No, I think it should be shipped to me in the Ozarks where I can properly thaw and care for it.
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    I turned a piece of frozen maple once. It turned wonderfully, maybe better than room temperature wood.

    BTW, frozen chips hurt more when bouncing off your bare knuckles

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    Hey Ken, did you heat that fancy new shop? That stuff shouldn't stay frozen for long if you bring it inside. But what I'm curious about is how the wood reacts as it thaws. Being green and frozen does it still warp and shrink and crack as it dries?

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    Curt...that's kinda what I was wondering about. Tomorrow for the first time in weeks I'll have some time to do a little serious turning. I think I'll turn one NE and then bring another piece in and save it for New Years Day. As soon as I get the materials, I want to install my DC and then get on with turning again. It's been a long fall with little turning.

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    Ken, there are no real worries about turning frozen wood that I am aware of. Turning frozen wood is a matter of course here in the winter time. Burl will wrinkle and warp as it dries if it is wet, but it has to thaw sometime right? After all, it can't be that cold up by you!

    Bill Grumbine

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    You are right Bill. It got above freezing today. I've never turned frozen wood before and was wondering if there was any problems turning it frozen.

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