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Thread: Tis the season.... or not

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    Tis the season.... or not

    After doing the "Over the river and through the woods..." portion of the holidays, finishing the repairs on mom's old house (sister painting the woodworking and I laying new quarter rouns and thresholds on the freshly refinished hardwood floors, I opted to devirt myself to drive an hour out of the way to our Houseboat where a few of my frends were to be staying, fishing and "celebrating" (not sure what celebration but who cares) Beautiful day's drive but they were not there. (cell phone time) one of them had his wife fall and hurt her self so they drove home and abandoned the adventure. Bummer (both for her displeasure and for my disappointment)

    On the way to and from, I pass several saw mills along the way, (white oak, cherry, walnut and ash, mostly) Ahhhh! I'll stop by and check them out. Closed Bummer! there inside the fence was piles of Offcuts some 12" X 12" X 12" chunks, fresh and green and in the firewood piles. "Firewood for sale" sign but no person in sight. Me in my Truck as well!!! On to the next one, Sealed fence as well. Same loot abounds, No persons on the Holiday weekend.... Rats, Bummer and explatives deleted due to family influence and seasonal thoughts. Got to get down there during the week (I say that every time)

    Other than that, it has been a terrific Holiday season for me and I hope it has been for you as well.

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    Nice 500th post! Interesting "adventures"....

    Would you like a "get back in your truck" reminder on, oh, about the 2nd?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kerry Burton View Post
    Nice 500th post! Interesting "adventures"....

    Would you like a "get back in your truck" reminder on, oh, about the 2nd?

    Each one of those trips costs me a "C Note" in gas, so a whim notion to set sail for chunks of wood would be suicidal with SWMBO....

    I did, however spend some time with my Elderly Aunt who was an antique dealer in her pre-senile life. Whilst laying in the bed sweltering in her 80 degree house, I noticed the elaborate lathe work on her beds and dressers, finials etc. Yes I did snap a shot at a couple of the parts that interested me and have plans to incorperate those designs in future projects.

    Some of the adornments in those old pieces were elaborate projects in themselves, Great Idea for a Lathe turned box from the finial on the bed as well as a BS box design from the crown atop the dresser, Not to mention the many turnings on her old clocks. There are countless design ideas in those antiques. Her Museum like house is full of ideas. Now, where is the time?

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