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Thread: off to a good start (pics)

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    off to a good start (pics)

    hello everyone

    well i have had my jet mini for a month or three, so i thought maybe the fine folks around here would like to see what i have been up to. i am learning alot and getting more comfortable with my new adventure into the spinny world
    any comments critiques are welcome , but please be gentle as this is really my first effort,goofs included

    more in the works and more photos to follow very soon
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails pen 20.JPG   pen 26.JPG   pen 27.JPG  
    spinning into a new adventure

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    Don't you guys just hate it when a self-professed "newbie" shows up and lays out a spread of gorgeous looking stuff?

    Great job, Joan! I like some of the unique shapes you've come up with. Keep up the good work!

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    Joan, those look really nice, no stopping you now!
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    I'd say you're definitely getting the hang of things, Newbie Girl! They all look very nicely done. Personally, I'm not a big fan of the bump in the barrel, but a lot of folks do like it, so don't take that as a negative at all. You did a great job.
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    Nice Job Joan!
    Thats where I started, turning pens.
    It didn't take long before I started moving on to other stuff like bowls and Hollow forms, Keep on having fun and can't wait to see where this progresses.

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    Great job Joan on a great looking bunch of pens. I started there myself so it will be interesting to see where you progress from here. Keep'em coming.
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    Joan.....You are progressing nicely! Great pens!

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    Hi Joan ,
    Very nicely done. The results look very rewarding. Stick with it and good turning!
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    All I can say is WOW

    I don't know even from which side you start making them

    Oh, I was looking for the "Goofs included"....I gave up...all I can see is beautifully made pens.


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    No, not all of SoCal is Los Angeles!
    Those look great Joan. Enjoy the slide.
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