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Thread: No More Sears

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    No More Sears

    Well, I'm no longer the proud owner of a Craftsman lathe. Thanks to Craig's List, I had a visit today from a real nice guy who has had an 8-hour turning class and is now eager to plunge into the Abyss. It should work out well as a starter lathe for sure did for me. (And I know several others here and elsewhere have started with this model.) I also included a Longworth chuck, a donut chuck with a bunch of rings, a non-centering 4-jaw chuck, a shop-made steady rest, a couple spur centers, a basic live center, a spare of each type of belt, and a couple alder blanks to play with. I also pointed him in the direction of a few forums -- I know I picked up darned near everything I know from others on the Internet.

    Icing on the cake...he also bought a little spalted hackberry vase to go with it.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    End of the day, I think we both got good deals.
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    You have done well, spreading the vortex like that!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Vaughn McMillan View Post
    No More Sears
    That's one habit that's pretty easy to give up going Cold Turkey
    I've still got a couple CMan hand power tools but haven't inhaled from them in years.
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    Hi V ,
    Great having a win win day Congratulations .
    Love that Spalted hackberry
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    Congrats on spreading the sport! I still have my Craftsman but it is setup as a sanding station. I agree - it's a great starter lathe!

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    Congrats on the sale Vaughn. That is a good looking vase and love the wood. Well done all the way around.
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    Oh no...another "infected" wood turner!

    ...Was I supposed to congratulate someone?!
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    Congrats Vaughn, it sounds like a good deal for both of you.
    I have Craftsman electric tool left, a portable belt sander that Iím saving to give my son when I kick the bucket. Iím taking the rest of the stuff with me.
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