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Thread: NE Maple Bowl

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    NE Maple Bowl

    I'm pretty happy with this one. cracking a tiny bit but not bad. I might end up putting poly on then buffing, or just buffing with the mineral oil it has on now.
    6 by 5 1/2 by 3 in high. Critique Please. 3/8 thick... has a tiny bit of curl/quilting.

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    Cool bowl Ben. I really like the free form lip and the contrast of color from lip to the rest of the bowl.
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    Very nice, Ben. I haven't tried a Natural Edge bowl but I can only hope I get great results like that someday.

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    Another fine job, young man. I think I'd like a bit shorter foot, perhaps with a bead instead of straight sides, but that's just one guy's opinion. Either way, that's a bowl you can be proud of.
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    Nicely done Ben!

    Isn't Maple a dream to turn!

    BTW, on the NE part, on some of the bits where you lost some bark, if you take a hot soldering iron (without any solder on it!) and lightly burn those reddish areas, you will find the blend right in and no one will know you "touched it up"........... or so I've heard.....

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    Great looking bowl Ben. You did a nice job on it.
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    Nice job on the NE bowl Ben! Lots of bark and great color!

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    Now I like that bowl!!


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