View Poll Results: How do you heat your shop?

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  • Propane: Radiant heat

    17 6.59%
  • Propane: Hot water

    0 0%
  • Propane: Vented Unit

    20 7.75%
  • Propane: Unvented Unit

    21 8.14%
  • Wood: Hot Water

    2 0.78%
  • Woodstove:

    27 10.47%
  • Oil: Forced hot air

    7 2.71%
  • Oil: Hot water

    4 1.55%
  • Oil: Radiant

    2 0.78%
  • Natural Gas: Forced Hot Air

    50 19.38%
  • Natural Gas: Hot Water

    3 1.16%
  • Natural Gas: Radiant

    8 3.10%
  • Coal stove:

    1 0.39%
  • Corn Stove:

    0 0%
  • Geo Thermal:

    0 0%
  • Kerosene: Salamander Type Unit

    15 5.81%
  • Kerosene: Monitor Type Unit

    11 4.26%
  • Electric: Wall mounted Fixtures

    27 10.47%
  • Electric: Portable Space Heaters

    38 14.73%
  • Other:

    35 13.57%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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Thread: Shop Heat Poll

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    Shop Heat Poll

    How do you heat your shop? There seems to be a lot of heat related questions lately and I thought it would be cool to see some statistics on what we heat our shops with.

    Mine is via a propane powered vent free unit.
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    Constantine, MI
    Modine Hot Dawg - 45,000 BTU. Sure keeps my 400 sf shop toasty!
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    lutefisk capitol, USA
    70,000 btu kerosene for the cold days, radiant quartz electric for not so cold days.

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    Monroe, MI
    75K BTU Hot Dawg type unit from Beacon Morris converted to propane. I just installed the same unit, but 4 years newer running on NG for my dad.

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    Forced air wood furance.

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    30,000 Btu Natural gas radiant heater. Keeps my 800 ft² shop nice and toasty. I have a 'setback' thermostat, and keep it programmed for 65° daytime and 50° overnight. The shop is very well insulated, and it takes an overnight temp in the teens for it to drop below 50° overnight, so most of the time the heater never comes on at night.

    I'm in NE Ohio, and our coldest night so far has been 13°. (predicted for 11° tomorrow night, though...)
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    Beavercreek, Ohio-org from Mendota Heights, MN
    My wife brought in a few Christmas presents/projects to complete after Thanksgiving so I bought a new design Reddy Heater forced air unit at Lowes. It has a variable 30,000 BTU - 55,000 BTU which was definitely enough to keep my 650 sqft 3 car garage toastie (with 12 foot high ceilings). I was concerned about an extra 20 lb grill-sized propane tank running out too soon so I purchased a new 43 lb tank. It was the biggest tank I could legally put in my mini-van here in Ohio. It provided more than enough heat but it was EXTREMELY NOISEY!!! I'm curious to see if 55,000 BTU will be enough to heat the garage up when it gets colder outside in January and February. I do not have insulated garage doors yet.

    A safety note: You cannot store or operate propane tanks in a garage in Ohio. Since I didn't want to go through the hassle before Christmas of drilling a hole through the garage wall, I simply placed the tank outsize the garage door and ran the hose underneath the garage door that was mostly closed. That also provided enough ventilation for the unit.

    I've attached a link to a the unit I saw available at msn shopping since doesn't have it.

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    Buse Township MN
    I use 2 heat sources: a Lennox 45,000 BTU propane hanging unit with the thermostat set at 48 degrees and a wood stove. The woodstove is lit in the morning and burns through most of the night.
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    75,000 btu natural gas forced air hanging Lennox heater. Set to 55º at night and 63º during the day when I am working out there. I go out....set the thermostat for 63....go back to the house and have another cup of coffee. Go to the shop it's ready....

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    Albuquerque, New Mexico
    45K, natural gas, forced air Sterling, looks like a Modine Hot Dawg. It'll run me out of the shop!
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