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Thread: Prayers for my parents, please. - UPDATE 1/22/08

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    Prayers for my parents, please. - UPDATE 1/22/08

    Good morning, all.

    As you are part of my on-line family, I ask for your prayers for my parents. I think I'm very lucky at my age to still have both of them. They have been married for 63 years, but now adversity has hit again. Daddy had a stroke yesterday morning, and is now hospitalized for what might be a long-term commitment. He is conscious and lucid, but his left side is paralyzed and he is having trouble talking and being understood. Mother says that after a few days hospitalization, he will need to go to a rehab facility for therapy. She is staying with him at the hospital, sleeping on the couch and helping take care of him. He will be 88 years old next week, and this does not bode well. He is a cancer survivor and had quintuple bypass surgery 9-1/2 years ago, and also has emphysema. Mother is 82, has diabetes and high blood pressure.

    I'm 1300 miles away and have been told very emphatically that there is no reason for me to go to Tennessee now--Mother says that she may need my help more later, but not right now. I'm not ready to lose my daddy, so if you would say a small prayer in passing to the diety of your choice, I would so appreciate it. Who knows? Prayers from all over the world just might make a difference.

    Thank you.


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    On their 60th anniversary.
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    my thoughts are with you nancy, we are never ready to loose a loved one..
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    Done, Nancy, and more for you as well - for strength and peace - and maybe for acceptance of one of life's natural occurrences. We are never ready, but being prepared is not a betrayal or an expeditious wish.

    Peace, my friend. Now, do the laundry, get your bag ready, and check the airlines. Doesn't mean you are leaving just yet, but at least you will have something to do that feels helpful!

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    Nancy, my thoughts are with you, had the same with my mother-in-low, so I know very well what this means to you, wish you strenght.

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    I will pray for your parents and you. I will add thier names to the prayer list at my Church.You will get prayers from many. GOD BLESS

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    Prayers coming your way! My very best wishes for you and your family!

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    Done Nancy.
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    My thoughts and prayers are with you and yours.
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    Sending you and your parents my prayers and thoughts.
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    Consider it done.
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