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Thread: some of my work

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    some of my work

    Hello everone. I am new to the forum. Thought I would post some of my work.

    1st are some pocket watches.
    Next is amutipart candle. The candlestick is mahoghany. The candle is pink ivory, and the flame is osage orange.Then a mallet(Club? Blunt Instrument?) made from a bowling pen
    Next is a multifunctional device(I made it as a bud vase, dad said it was a candlestick, sister said a tootpick holder). Who says woodworking isn't high tech?

    All comments are welcome

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    Guess I did not do the attachments right. Here is the next try
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails watches2.jpg   candle1.jpg   mallet1.jpg   vase1.jpg  

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    Good-looking projects! I especially like the multi-species candle.

    My Dad grew up in Dayton, Ohio. He said he turned a lamp or two out of bowling pins at the Boys Club back in the early '50s. I imagine there are a few other things you could do with 'em as well.

    Keep up the good work!

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    Welcome aboard, Gary. Nice stuff...I particularly like the watches. The picture posting gets easier after the first few.
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    Great looking projects. Welcome aboard.
    Bernie W.

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    Welcome aboard Gary! Nice projects. I especially like the watches. Maybe you could give a little more detail on them. I noticed a chain attached to them. Do they hang from your neck? How big are they? Where did you get the kit for the time piece? I also didn't realize that you could use a bowling ball pin but it makes sense since it is made out of wood, I just didn't know they are such a nice wood. Nice to have you part of the family.
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    Hi Gary !

    Nice work

    Welcome aboard


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    Very nice work, Gary! Nice to have you on the forum.

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    Nice work Gary especially the watches, wellcome

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    Nice work and welcome...I need a mallet myself.

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