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Thread: Alyson's Alcove

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    Alyson's Alcove

    Now that the family has moved into our new addition, this left the old bedroom to be used as any room we want, but we chose to use it as a playroom. In one corner, we decided to make Alyson her own pint-sized alcove in which to play. She just loves her new alcove, and loves to stretch her Dora the Explorer couch out into a bed and read her books. This is her favorite past time and as parents, having your 17month old loving to read books is something we are proud of. The other thing she loves to do is play peek-a-boo in the tiny windows.

    The construction was pretty simple. I used scrap lumber I had around the shop, some cedar shingles for the roof, a little drywall and plenty of pine to trim out and make this cottage. Patty used some plastic flowers to turn the window boxes into realistic window boxes. How long they will stay neatly arranged is yet to be determined.

    Its about 6 feet tall, 6 feet wide and has a 2 x 4 foot door. The windows are 1 foot square. Anyway thought I would share our long weekend project.

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    That's a very cool thing to do for your daughter! I bet she has a lot of fun in there imagining all sorts of things. I can see others with young sons taking this idea and making forts in a similar alcove for them to play in. Jim.
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