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Thread: what i have been up to lately

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    what i have been up to lately

    hi all

    well i just thought i would show you what i have been working on for a while now . it will eventually turn into a lathe tool and accessories case for our friend joan she said if i make this shes going to turn me some table legs for a coffee table or two i have been putting off for a long time ..... so heres where i am with this project so far , its geting there !
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails cabinet start 4.jpg   clamped dry fit case.jpg   tool case door frames 1.jpg   tool case door frames 2.jpg   tool case with doors.jpg  

    what are you building today ??


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    Hey Griz! Looks like it will be a very nice cabinet!

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    That's real pretty, Griz. You know, you might be setting a dangerous precedent with that case. After she fills it with turning tools, she's gonna want another. (Nobody's ever quite done buying turning tools.)

    Nice job, and looking forward to seeing the finished pics.
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