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    Borg Kudos

    I have an autistic son. We mounted a swing INDOORS and it is his joy. Well the bolt anchoring it to the joist broke from metal fatigue. I remembered that Home Depot had a "swing set" section and went to the local store to get the hardware and 2" X 10"s to reinforce the joists. Matt is over 100 lbs now! Matt is one of the rare friendly autistic kids. He memorized EVERYONE's name and greets them by name months later. Everyone at Home Depot knows him. Anyway, they no longer carry the swing set hardware. The manager went into a huddle with some of the employees and they climbed up to the top of a stack and brought down an off stock box with exactly the parts I needed. AND since it was off stock they declared it surplus and sold me a $70 item for $20.

    Don't call them all borg.

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    Great story. It just shows there can be thinking, caring humans behind the orange apron.
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    Most places I feel go out of their way when it's for kids

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    It's good to hear something positive about one of the big box stores. I believe it helped that they knew your son and he knew them. Nice gesture on their part under any circumstances.


    "Individual commitment to a group effort--that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work."
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