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Thread: Segmented Pen with a Laser

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    Segmented Pen with a Laser

    Here are a few pictures of a Hawaiian Puzzle Pen. Laser cut by Ken Nelsen at Kallenshaan woods. I am working on a rotary tool for my laser so that I will be able to do this type of cutting. The pen is made of 10 Hawaiian woods. The box is inlayed wood puzzle pieces.

    The pens, even though cut perfect, are not easy to assemble. Many of the pieces need to be inserted from the inside. Somewhat difficult to do without breaking up the pieces you already have in place.
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    That is so cool. Can you tell how you did it?


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    Unique concept - beautiful work! Definitely an attention getter!

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    Rotary Cutting

    Ken Nelsen cut these puzzle pieces for me but this is how it goes -

    Drill a pen blank normal size for the brass tube.

    Turn the blank (without brass tube) to just a little oversize

    Rotary laser cut a few puzzle pieces from that tube

    Do the same for each type of wood you want to use until you have all the pieces cut. In this case it was 10 woods and 36 pieces.

    Gently assemble pieces around the brass tube.

    Tack glue with CA

    Remove brass tube and glue pieces together with CA

    Epoxy glue brass tube into assembled wood blank.

    Carefully finish like a regular pen.

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    Rotary Tool

    Here is a pic of a rotary tool for a laser.

    The pen barrel sits on the drive wheels on the left. A stepper motor rotates the pen barrel as the laser beam stays centered over the barrel in the y axis.

    The laser beam is moved along the x axis as the barrel turns to cut the pen puzzle pieces out.
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    That is just to cool. Well done.
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    Pete, that is flat-out awesome. Not only is it a great idea, but from the looks of the pics, you pulled it off very well. And the box is great icing on the cake.
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    That is really amazing, Pete.
    I really like the pen and the box but mostly I admire your patience.

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    Amazing and unique. That is the sort of thing I would only make for a personal pen or gift. I don't believe one could sell at a price that would justify the cost and labor involved.
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    Such intricate work. I guess you have a lot of patience to do this kind work. Absolutely amazing.

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