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Thread: Belated holiday greetings from Georgia...

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    Belated holiday greetings from Georgia...

    Thanks to everyone that have reached out via PM and email to share holiday wishes with Denise and I.

    I apologize for not doing this in a more timely manner...but I've been BUSY!

    I hope everyone in this extended family had a great holiday season...and enjoys a safe, healthy, prosperous, and enjoyable 2008!

    - Marty and Denise -
    Fivebraids, Inc.
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    hi marty and denise

    i hope you had a nice holiday glad to see you ! lets see what you have been up to
    what are you building today ??


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    Hey Marty and Denise!!
    Happy Holidays right back at you.

    As long as it's been, have you figured out how long it will take you to post your update on the piece you're working on? I might have to wait for the condensed version! Jim.
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    Marty and Denise,

    To you as well.

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