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Thread: Safety Goggles

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    Safety Goggles

    Hey, sorry for the boring question...but my brother and I are newbies, and we're both tired of getting dust over the glasses while routing.

    Anybody have a pair of super comfortable goggles, that fit over glasses?

    Need source and recco.


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    After at least 6 different pairs that all seemed OK at the store but just didn't workout after about a half hour, I got Rx safety glasses. One of the best improvements in my shoptime enjoyment I've ever had. You walk in the shop, you put them on. You take them off when your done. Never forget where you set them down. No fogged goggles. Its great. Do what I do; divide the cost by the number of hours you'll wear them in a year and the price doesn't seem so high.
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    I wear the full face mask. Forever trying to scratch my nose while wearing.
    Wadda mess, sneezing while wearing.
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    Rx safety glasses plus a face shield when needed are my solution to the goggles problem. I took my prescription to Sam's Club and got no line bifocals for about $150. That included the full meal deal, lenses, frames and side shields. That works out to a few cents per hour of shop work. Maybe even less than a penny. That is a foolproof solution to the goggles problem.


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    For $500 I went under the laser and got my eyes done, now I just wear safety glasses when in the Dungeon and a full faceshield when warranted (roughing out bowl for example).

    Do you have some sort of a dust collection set up on your router? My hand held is a Hitachi M8, bought it years ago, it is not the best hand held, and the vacuum attachment is less than great, as it only gets about 80% of the chips and dust, but that is a large improvement just the same.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stuart Ablett View Post
    For $500 I went under the laser
    Wow, that's cheap. Cost my wife $3400, but still the best money ever spent. She was seeing 20/20 hours after the surgury.

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    My laser eye surgery, "PRK", was free courtesy of the US Air Force. That was probably the single best improvement in my life! Thank you Uncle Sam!

    Before the surgery I used prescription sport/safety goggles. Nowadays, I still use generic saftey goggles in the shop and was very impressed when my 11 y/o son came out to the shop in December and automatically picked up his pair and put them on without me saying anything.

    Even though I do not turn and I do not own a lathe, I like the faceshield idea very much and I'll probably be getting one.

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    I use safety glasses with my persricption. These where made for me from my last employ. I have treid gogles and do not care for them over glasses. They are annoying and sometimes hard to see thru.

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