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Thread: Wixey Digital Angle Gauge

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    Wixey Digital Angle Gauge

    Was over at Woodcrafts today, wasn't able to leave without purchasing something. So I picked up the Wixey Digital Angle gauge. Works like a charm, and well worth the $40. All this time my table saw blade was setting at 89.9 degrees. Actually it does have a +/- .1 degree tolerance, so could have been perfect or could have been .2 degrees off.

    May be an non-essential shop item, but sure it will pay off in the long run. I guess never thought I needed the Jessem Miter gauge, but have done some of my best work yet with it.
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    Yes, the Wixey is cool.

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    I've had one for a while and bought my dad one too. I use it all over the shop. A great $40 investment. I also use it to verify my miter gauge. Clamp the miter bar in a vise vertically with the gauge-head at the floor end, zero-out on the bar and then set the Wixey on the face of the gauge; adjust as required to a perfect 90* or whatever you're after. ;-)
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    A very good investment

    I also have one; I dialed in everything the first weekend. Easy to use.


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    Congrats on the new goods, Darren. I recently got the Beall version...the Tilt Box, as they call it. In my case it confirmed my TS was dead on 90º. (Or more accurately, the plastic drafting triangle I used to set up the blade was right on the money.) I'm very impressed with the stout construction and ease of use.

    I've not used mine for anything important yet, but it's one of those things that I think will be very useful for the times I do use it. If I ever decide to try segmented turning, it'll be my go-to tool.
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    Wixey Digital Angle Gauge

    If you like the angle gage, you have to try the linear readout for a TS. I have both and am well pleased with them.

    As a former Machinist watching the evolutions of digital readouts over the years, the current Wixey products are wonderful in that they are accurate and inexpensive.

    Carry on, regardless.

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