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Thread: I need a moisture meter I can trust.

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    I need a moisture meter I can trust.

    I have a Sonin moisture meter and it didn't cost much. I can't get the probes to penetrate my wood hardly ( oak, walnut, hickory ). I stuck the probes in a piece of treated pine last weekend and it didn't even register. I don't like it; I don't trust it. I use wood from a Woodmizer so it's a little rough, but not bad. After not being able to make these probes penetrate, the pinless units sound good. I've seen that several people like the pin type units though. If I could get some brands and model numbers of what you guys like I would appreciate it.
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    Hi Kevin, welcome to the Family!

    I have this unit..........

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    The Timber Check Moisture Meter made by ComPro Tech Canada

    Got mine from Lee Valley for $79 USD

    I like it very much, you could run over it with your truck and not break it.

    One other trick that I've used is to drive in some small finishing nails into the wood, and then touch the two pins to the nails.

    You can probably get it cheaper somewhere else.

    I'd really like one of the wireless units, but the last time I looked, they were an additional $200.

    Hope this helps.
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    I've got an old Delmhorst (BD-2100 I think) -- pin type, about 16 years old, and does what it is supposed to. Very pleased with it. It also has settings for brick/plaster and drywall, as well as wood, which can come in handy in other applications. I think you can get a wood only version for a little less money. I remember it was pricey, not sure what they go for today, but it is a company that specializes in this sort of thing.
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    Another Delmhorst BD-2100 here, I did alot of research before buying and this one seemed like the right one for me. I got mine used but in like new shape on Ebay about a year ago. The pins penetrate easily. Don't remember exacly what I paid for it.

    A few months ago we took 1000 bdft of red oak to a kiln operator. He had a pinless meter. We took several readings with both meters and they returned relatively the same reading each time.

    As Sam said, moisture meters are all Delmhorst does, so they must be good or they wouldn't stay in business.

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    Hi Kevin

    I've got a meter like Stu's, same trick with the nails for me. You might try it with yours, maybe you don't even need a new one!

    A shop I worked for once had one of the pinless ones. Worked well, but was not without its faults... False readings on thin wood were possible, up to 3/4" smooth planed would read higher if it was resting on a cast iron top - proportional to the wood thickness of course. Rough sawn wood read lower than smooth planed. And worst of all, don't drop it on the concrete floor! For the money, I think pin units and some finish nails are a better deal!

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