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Thread: Sleigh style dresser

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    Sleigh style dresser

    This sleigh style dresser was inspired by a popular style of commercial baby furniture. My wife wanted to purchase the commercial piece and I insisted on building my own version. The piece took me about 250 to 300 hours and about $500 in materials. Woods used are quarter sawn white oak, flame mahogany veneer and African mahogany accents. Drawer boxes are maple ply on full extension slides. Dust frames divide each drawer compartment and are dadoed in to the case sides. The pulls are inlaid in a elliptical recess and have a bit of a finger friendly contour.

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    Wow Dewayne, your projects are really nice! I'll bet your wife is glad she waited for you to do this. Keep the pix coming!


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    That is beautiful Dewayne. If you do your pics as attachments the thread is easier to deal with:
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    Hi Dewayne ,
    That is a very unusual and beautiful piece of furniture.

    Satisfying I am sure!
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    Well executed and beautiful piece you have done!

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    Another beauty. You won't find that kind of craftsmanship in the stores.
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    Another great piece of furniture, Dewayne. It's sure to be a heirloom.
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