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Thread: More Cool Laser Tools

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    More Cool Laser Tools

    In this thread Wes Bischel showed us the laser-guided scissors. I thought I'd take is a step farther,and introduce the new:

    Vaughnco Laser Pizza Cutter

    Never again worry about crooked pizza. Just "aim and roll"[TM] for perfect slices every time!
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    You know, you joke about that, but that could very well be your million dollar idea! I am serious. More stupid stuff is sold daily. You will need to make it $19.95, oh and throw in another one and a video on how to use it to maximize the amount of pizza.

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    That's great, and Jonathan is probably right, at least get a patent on that.

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    I missed this one! (Seem to be doing a lot of that lately) I could use one of those - except it needs two lasers one for the cut line, and the other to show the next pie shape!
    I do like the idea of the laser guided flashlight. Works well in daylight as well.


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    I want someone to invent a laser tool that tracks my small hand tools. It should be voice activated to shine a beam at whichever tool I tell it to look for. Man, this would save me coutless hours in the shop rummaging around for them!

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