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Thread: Best Woodworking Magazine

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    Best Woodworking Magazine

    I was wanting to get some thoughts on this. What do you all think is the overall best woodworking magazine? My Dad used to subscribe to Workbench magazine but I dont think it is still around. Just was wondering


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    Workbench is still around. I personally like the Woodsmith Magazine from the WoodSmith Store in Des Moines Ia. They give tons of really great projects, and don't dwell heavily on machinery.

    Wood Magazine and Fine Woodworking and this type seem to me to have way to many articles about all of the new machinery coming down the pike. If you are inexperienced or a beginner, they are fine. They help answer lots of questions.

    Go to one of the Large Retail Book Stores and buy a selection of the mags avaialble, I think there must be 10-15 US publications as well as some from England and Austrailia too.

    Doing the research will be kind of fun.

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    Wood magazine is ok, but I dont like the fact that there are more ads then articles. When my subcription is over I am done.

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    Hi Jeff, and welcome to the forums!

    I subscribed to a few magazines a couple years ago when I started back into woodworking after a long hiatus. Within about a year I started seeing the repetitive nature of these mags. It seemed to be the same articles re-hashed a million ways, with very little new information. I also really didn't care about the latest "Router Showdown", since all the various tool reviews I've seen were either biased or incomplete. I also don't need or want plans for making an Arts and Crafts thimble stand or an Early American milking stool. (I recognize there are some folks who DO appreciate the plans...they're just not my cup o' tea.) I've not renewed any of the subscriptions, and I don't miss them. Seems I can find the information I'm looking for on the Internet these days.

    I do have an online subscription to Fine Woodworking, which allows me to search their archives. I find that much more useful than having a stack of magazines gathering dust in a corner of the room.
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    My favorite is Shop Notes... I don't subscribe to it, but check out the issues and buy on the "newsstand" when I can.

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    Depends what you are looking for... For example,

    Wood magazine has simpler projects and detailed plans - although I know some experienced people who really like it, I generally consider it a good magazine for beginners - both with the step by step plans and the simpler projects.

    Fine Woodworking has tougher projects. I wouldn't want to make many of them, but I do like the way they go through the techniques that I can apply to my projects. In fact, I have most of the old issues, and am plowing through the complete set... a great education, but probably not for the beginner.
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    I don't subscribe to any magazines, but I buy about 10 woodworking and/or contstruction related magazines a year. Looking back at the projects that I have done that were based upon magazine articles, Wood magazine would be in first place, Shop Notes in second, and Popular Woodworking in third.
    Cheers, Frank

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    I used to get Wood, but have moved on to Fine Woodworking and do like to pickup a copy of ShopNotes every now and then. To me it would depend on where you are with your wood working skills and what your using them for. Years ago when I was remodeling a house it was Handyman that I looked at, but as I had time and was getting into Woodworking, Wood seemed to suit my needs as they had more tool reviews. More and more I like some of the down and dirty techniques that are in the more hands on magazines.

    I guess I'd suggest going to the bookstore or library over the next month or two and see what magazine floats your boat.

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    Fine Woodworking and Australian Wood Review.
    So do I type something witty here?

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    I'm subscribed to Fine Furniture and Cabinet making (UK), and I've just got the 2007 DVD resumee of Fine Woodworking.

    My feelings towards both of them and some others that I've seen is somewhat twofold.
    On one hand I find them expensive related to the amount of useful information that one gets on each issue, specially because they are always too full of advertisements. Almost 50% of their pages is useless and on the rest is pretty evident that they strecht every article to get the most out of it and making it last for two or three issues and then issue a DVD and a book afterwards.

    I know that publicity is their way of financiation but I think that they overdo it.

    On the other hand there is always something of use or interesting that makes me think that's what I'm paying for or if it is worthwhile.

    My five cents
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