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Thread: Artist Table

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    Artist Table

    Here is a progress pic of the table I am making for a lady that wanted a workbench to do her painting on. The pieces on the table top are trim pieces for edging the top and they should be ready to attach tomorrow.

    The top is melamine. I am trying to figure the best way to attach the top to the base. I was planning to use table top clips, but I am concerned about the screws holding in the particle board core. I do need this to be knock down capable. Any thoughts on this are appreciated!

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    Hi Ed ,
    Glad to see this project coming in to completion. I remember when you started the thread and see these results as quite pleasing.
    My selection is to surround the inner perimeter with a 3/4" x3/4" cleat predrilled and screwed into the apron/band around the desk itself with 1 1/4" screws. Then I will insert screws (into pre drilled holes in those cleats)from the bottom side to retain the deck top. You could probably do the same with 1 1/2" cleats/blocks and 2" screws.
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    Looking good, Ed.

    Shaz, you don't know it, but you just helped me figure out how to attach a 1 1/4" thick MDF top to a rolling steel cabinet I'm fixing in the shop. The top will overhang the edges of the cabinet by a few inches, and I need a screw at each corner of the cabinet to go into the top (a few inches from the edges of the top), I was worried about driving screws into the MDF, but I'll just cut a pair of dadoes and inlet a couple strips of hardwood to the underside of the top in the appropriate locations, and run the screws into the REAL wood. Thanks.
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    Thanks! I'll see about making the cleats first thing tomorrow! Unfortunately I have some bad drips from the finish that has to be repaired/replaced too. I hope to be able to deliver this by Friday and then I'll start working on the drawer units!

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