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Thread: Clipped or Full Head Nails

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    Clipped or Full Head Nails

    This may need to be in the tools section but here it goes...

    I'm getting ready to buy a framing nailer. Are there any code requirements for full vs. clipped head nails in your areas? I can't get a real live inspector on the phone for my county and thought I'd ask the group. I thought I had heard at one time that some counties required full head nails for framing.

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    You heard correctly. Most areas do require full head although some still do not. To be safe you would use full head but if you "need" to use clipped head nails then maybe a trip down to the local building dept. would be in order.

    The only real difference in the nails (other than the head size which equates to holding power in the codes) is that the manufacturers can put more nails on a strip with clipped heads.

    Thanks, Mark.

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    I know in King County WA, at least, code requires full head nails. I have a Senco 702XP that works very well.

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    Thanks guys!

    I'll get the full head nailer to be safe....

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    I cannot remember if it was the FEMA Agency, or a collection of Insurance Companies, but I heard that if you live 100 miles from any coastline, you fall under these new Hurricane Guidelines. These require full-headed nails. I am not sure if this "code" was passed or not, or just an idea, but it makes sense to build homes to hurricane resistance 100 miles from a coast...and yes my home qualifies.
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    Well I'm more than a 100 miles from the coast and IIRC..our local code requires full headed nails.

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