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Thread: Pocket Hole Bit Collar Depth

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    Pocket Hole Bit Collar Depth

    Frank's Dowel Max post (
    showed a pic of some blocks he made to help him set his drill bit collar depth. This one's for pocket holes but, just thought I'd share. It one of those things I say I'm gonna take a few minutes to make every time I pocket hole but I just finally got around to it.

    Its just a simple thing that saves the time required to make it the first few times you use it. The numbers are for material size, collar setting, jig offset from edge and the general screw length.
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    Neat idea!! Now how long will it take you to get around making one for me?? Jim.
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    Thats a great idea! Most of the wood I shoot pocket holes into is 3/4in, so I don't regularly have to move the collar. However when I do, I have to dig out the instructions, tape measure, and allen wrench.

    Here's a throught..... you could drill a smaller hole to hold the allen wrench for you, right with the block.
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    Really cool idea. That's definitely a WDITOT! (Why didn't I think of that)
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    That's a great idea Glenn, especially like the reference chart. Still waiting for a project to come along to buy one of those pocket hole jigs. I see that Lowe's is carrying them now, so may have to pickup the small one to have around.


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