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Thread: Wanted: Artist Pencil

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    Wanted: Artist Pencil

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    Quote Originally Posted by Matt Dunlap View Post
    In another thread in the off-topic area, I had someone compliment my wife's drawings which you can see some of them here. He also asked if I had made her an Artist Pencil.

    First, I have no idea what he was talking about other than it would probably require turning.

    Second, sad to say, but I can't see myself doing any turning in the near future as I'm much too busy with custom cabinets and one-off projects.

    So, if anybody knows what a true Artist Pencil is and knows how to make one and most important, is willing to make one, then PM me please.
    Artists/artisan pencil? Interesting.
    Below is a picture of my personal shop pencil made from Osage Orange. I believe Tod has one similar made from mahogany. With hard lead they are great in the shop. With soft lead, perfect for artists sketching. I sell them from the art gallery. Got several projects going at moment but will make one for you (wife) down the road if you like.
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    Matt, don't know about a "true" artist pencil, but wanted to compliment your wife's work. Very nice indeed. BTW "the Duke's" birthplace is about 35 miles south of me and they are building a new museum for him...maybe she should contact them to see if they would be interested in her drawings for display.
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    It's a different thing:

    The really old artist's pencils were something like this:



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    That's a very talented lady you have there, Matt. What beautiful drawings!!

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    Not sure what an Artist pencil is but I know one thing and that is, your wife sure can draw.

    I took a freehand drawing class about 5 years ago but never heard of an Artist pencil. Do let us know once you find out.

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    Evening Matt:

    I make the Artist pencils. Made one for myself, then others wanted one, so I make them for others.

    PM if you're interested in one.


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    Matt, tell Debbie, WOW!!!!!!
    I am in awe of people with that type of talent. Amazingly beautiful!!!! There are "artist" and "carpenter" pencils in either/both Hut and Woodcraft catalogs. They are not what Bill shows, but what they sell under that title. The biggest difference between the two, the artists pencil is generally all one barrel/piece of wood. The carpenter's pencil has a octagon like nut in the middle so it doesn't roll off the bench. Guess artists like picking pencils off of the floor! There are different hardness of leads available, they also have colored lead available for them. They are larger lead, like our old first grade pencils. Let me know, PM, if you are in need of one, can do will check when get home, think I have the parts for a carpenter's pencil at home. If you prefer without the middle ring, can eliminate that and make it all one barrel. I would be honored to make her a pencil that would be used to create that type of work!!!!!

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    Matt tell Debbie her pictures are beautiful. My sister draws like that. I can sit and watch her draw for hours. I am just in awe of how they can see something and then put it on paper.
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