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Thread: Chair spindle duplication

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    Chair spindle duplication

    This is only my second commissioned work in the number of years I have been doing this hobby of woodworking.

    A friend asked me if I could duplicate a chair spindle that his young-in broke. So this is what I came up with. No duplication machine (obviously), all done by eye. He needs to take it home in this form to mark the cut length locations, then I'll sand it, cut it, and finish it.
    For a rookie, I'm OK with how it turned out, hope he is also.

    Comments welcomed,
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    I would say you have a very good "eye"...and a good hand as well.

    Looks very nice.

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    Looks good to me, Doug. But as another rookie (maybe even rookier?) I wouldn't take my word for anything.

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    No complaints with that work.

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    Lookin' good. For just one, eyeball and calipers will do the job.
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    Looks to be a fairly good reproduction Doug! Your friend must be pleased with the results! Nice work!

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    Looks good, Doug. I'll bet your reproduction is better than any I would have attempted.
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