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Thread: Box Felt Lining

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    Box Felt Lining

    For years Flock has been used to line jewelry boxes etc. but I don't have that equipment and was considering a felt lining instead. What are the latest / best techniques for attaching felt. Or are there other better than felt products available. Thanks, Bob

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    LOL ! . . .

    Yea, I tried the flocking thing and got a really nice, goopy mess. Probably wasn't doing it right. I just use my trusty Elmers ( or TiteBond ) wood glue and the heavyest felt from JoAnn's. If need be ( with TiteBond ) you can apply the glue to the box then dampen the felt and it'll conform to indentions (sp), bosses, and dividers.

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    I've used 3M spray adhesive for applying felt, and also had good luck with the self adhesive stuff on flat surfaces. Still, I prefer the flocking, especially on surfaces that would be hard to apply felt to. I bought the low-end kit from Rockler, and didn't have any real problems with it.
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    Cutting Felt

    If you need to cut felt on anything but straight lines it can be a challenge to do because of the stretch of the fabric. I laser cut the linings I use for my pen boxes.
    The laser can cut perfect circles (or just about any other shape ) easily.

    Be glad to help if you need it.

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    I go to Hobby Lobby (I'm sure Michaels or some other Craft store has it as well) and purchase sheets of Adhesive backed felt to line my boxes. So Easy, cut and fir the felt to the box sides and bottom etc. then when all is right, peel the backing and adhere the sheets to the box. No Mess, No sticky goo, no glue on fingers to ruin a smooth felt surface, no nasty over spray of the mounting medium. I use a double thick piece to make a hinge cover.... A simple box lined with adhesive backed felt and a hinge cover like this:
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    The only boxes I've lined, I used some glove leather scraps and 3m spray adhesive. It was careful, fussy work, but the results were worth it. The box was template routed, so I just used the same template to cut the leather (new Xacto blade for this), same would work with felt. In spite of the exact cutting, I found the leather stretchy enough to cover little mistakes, and I'd imagine felt would be more so. I often get Jean to help me with the fabric/leather work... just can't get the hang of these non-rigid materials!

    In a related, still theoretical project, I want to re-line a shotgun case with red felt. Trick is its got to be the more traditional woven cloth with a felted nap (what's on a pool table), and preferably wool. Anyone got a source for that? I didn't think til just now to look for a billiard supplier, but that may be easiest.

    (Psssst!, Bill, nice lookin box! )

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    I do a lot of felt linings on toolboxes and whatnot and use 3m super 77 adhesive and get the cheap felt at Walmart and buy it by the yard.
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    just an old flocker

    I've used both felt and flocking. I mostly rely on Donjure flocking now. I got one of the kits with a couple of colors of flocking and the mini flocker and it works great.
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