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Thread: 4 knife vs. Spiral

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    4 knife vs. Spiral

    Ok, I know that spiral heads cut like a dream, but are they worth the extra $400-$700 for them? I am getting ready to get a jointer and really not sure if I should get the spiral over the four knife cutter head. With spiral heads, how do you know when and which ones to change? Will the four knife be good enough for most use in a hobby shop? I really do not use exotics or to much figured wood. Either one will be a huge improvement over my worn out 6" jointer.

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    Spiral cutter heads with the carbide inserts leave a slightly furrowed surface.Something like .002-.001 deep, so they are easily sanded out, BUT if you are not milling exotic or highly figured woods, then why go through the routine of sanding down every board when a regular cutterhead will work without sanding?

    Just something to think about....
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    I've got the G0593 (it's the G0586 with Grizzlys spiral cutterhead). It was an upgrade from a G1182 w/straight knives. I've found it exponentially better, not only in the surface of the material but also in the noise and (perhaps most importantly) my enjoyment of the experience. I haven't found any scalloping of the surfaces.

    I would whole-heartedly support and recommend your decision of the spiral cutterhead.

    Thanks, Mark.

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