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Thread: Leaving burn marks

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    Leaving burn marks

    I was turning some old spindles from a table my wife's mom left her when I noticed I was leaving burn marks. These spindlels are probably 50 yrs. old and have been painted and varnished a dozen times. My Question is am I leaving my gouger on the same spot too long, or am I doing something else wrong? I'm moving at a decent pace although with the last couple spindles I seem to be leaving marks. My turning tools are not getting very hot, butt I'm leaving burns. I have sharpened tools, and I'm not leaving gouges in wood. Any suggestions?

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    Brad, I must say I'm at a loss, you are getting burn marks on the spindle turnings by rubbing a gouge on it

    I have to pull hard to get burn marks from wires used for putting burn marks into a turning on purpose, I cannot imagine how hard you must be pushing to get burn marks with a gouge......

    Take some pics, maybe we can help you out a bit.

    Also, with your tools sharp and the lathe turned off, try a practice cut by rotating the piece by hand, if your tool is sharp and your presentation is correct, you should be able to cut the wood.

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    All the paint and varnish has been stripped off, right?
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