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Thread: Turning Willow

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    Turning Willow

    Anyone here ever turned willow? What can you tell me about the wood. I have an opportunity to pick up a hugh chunk of the wood and just wondering if it's worth the work I'm going to be in for to get it home.
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    I have turned some. First and foremost you will need sharp tools because the wood can be stringy. I would get it anyway and turn it especially if it is free. The pieces I have turned all have turned out ok. My sister has them and I haven't been there yet to get pictures. She slipped out the door with them before I did.
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    i have turned small branches into bud vases out of what is called diamond willow up here. this stuff is a creamy white with reddish brown knots. unfortunatly it was pre-digital and i don't have any photos. i agree with bernie, any free wood is good. maybe only for practicing technique but you may be surprised. crotch wood should be good.

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    I turn a lot of willow. I have about 1/2 a tree. Would have taken the whole tree but the wife stopped me.

    Willow is low density so your turnings will be light. The wood itself is a light cream color with lots of surprises in figure. Voids can appear out of nowhere as well as knots of all sizes. However, I find these to be features and not defects.

    The only downside is the wood is subject to tear-out especially on the end grain. Best to use very sharp tools and burnish where possible.

    Willow will split if left in a dry environment even gobbed up with a sealant.

    If the wood is very green you may find it will sprout for an unexpectedly long time. Don't cut it until it stops sprouting. Mine took about 3 months to stop sprouting indoors!


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    Yes, I turned in the past willow too, small pots, etc.
    I like it to turn willow, can be surprising.

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