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Thread: For Chuck - adding text to pictures

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    For Chuck - adding text to pictures

    Hi chuck

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    A new window will open
    Left click on the picture at any place or near the place that you want your text
    A dotted box will appear and a small "Text Stile" window you can set your font, size and color
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    Type your text. If the dotted box is too small or you want to make it longer or bigger...
    Put your courser on one of the dots - a two sided arrow will appear -click and drag the dot to fit the text in the dotted box....this action will cancel the small "Text Stile" re-activate it double click on the text and you can continue to type or correct your text.
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    After you finish to type, if you want to move the text to other location, just click on the text...
    The dotted box (and the text stile) will appear and you will see a 4 sided arrows...
    Click on the 4 sided arrows and drag the text to the new location.
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    To cancel the dotted box, click somewhere out of the dotted box
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    Thank you very much Niki.


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